About Us

Determine Solutions Ltd. is the limited liability company for Peter Kelly and associated consultants.

Peter has expertise in the following areas:

    • Energy market design and implementation

    • Energy market systems, including implementation and auditing

    • Project management

    • Tender management, from either supplier or vendor perspectives

    • Information architecture, from a strategic business level down to computer system design

    • Policy compliance audits, such as compliance with the Privacy Act or NZ Government Web Guidelines

Peter Kelly's recent projects have included:

Peter Kelly earlier provided assistance to the Western Australia Independent Market Operator, with involvement in:

    • writing market procedures

    • changes to the Wholesale Electricity Market Rules

    • specifying and testing changes to the ABB-developed market systems

    • development of analytical tools, such as market power measures

    • checking of market settling processes

    • involvement in setting and explaining prudential risk management limits, and

    • the implementation of a public web site

Peter has a Master of Management degree, awarded with distinction, with the research component entitled "Collaborative governance in the Western Australia wholesale electricity market". Peter is a long-time student of the law, planning to complete the requirements of an LLB (Hons) at Victoria University in 2021. He is also the Legal Manager for Catalyst IT.

Please contact Peter Kelly on +64 21 119 0703 if you wish to discuss a project.